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Welcome to Laroll

We are originally from Saigon, the land where Banh Mi was born, the land of very rich cuisine, we blend the orient and the western. In Laroll we have authentic recipes and processes of making the roll, the sauce and the meat, using the traditional method over the modern devices to keep the authentic taste and to meet the highest standard of food safety. More than that, we are healthy food lovers, with no compromise in the taste. One of our signature dishes is the crispy pork, you can feel the balance of nature's sweetness, the juicy, the soft and crunchy, when you go slow you can feel five different spices harmonically...

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Special Dishes

Crispy Pork
Banh Mi

The mixing of plenty of various flavors but still keeping in balance created the perfect combination. It will make you ecstatic at the first moment to bite one piece of it. Those are the crunchiness of roasted pork, the flavorful taste of five spices blended beautifully. A little sour of Vietnamese traditional carrot pickle combines with the fresh cucumber, cilantro, spring onion. And to enhance the tasting of the dish we create the outstanding combination between Vietnamese traditional butter and French pâte'.

Summer Rolls

Are you looking for something healthy and tasty? This version was created for you. You will taste many fresh vegetables like lettuce, Vietnamese herbs, cilantro, mint. It has a high flavor because it mixes the tenderness of boiled meat, the yummy fresh shrimp. This version especially has a special dipping sauce made from peanut butter, Housin sauce, and fried onion… All these combinations for one unique reason create a dish full of flavor, very healthy.


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Banh Mi



Rice Paper Roll (two rolls)

LaPho (bowl)

LaBOON (bowl)

LaSALAD (bowl)


MEAT (100gr)

MISC (container)